Allow Yourself Permission to Pause

Permission to pause

Be Present in the moment

Giving yourself permission to pause, to be in the present moment can be challenging. Our brains want to remain active and in charge but when we choose to pause, rest our mind, we allow for a reset. An opportunity to regain clarity and inspiration, to accomplish our goals more effortlessly. 


The next time you find your comparing yourself to others or in despair by overwhelm, put down your phone. Find a space for stillness and silence. Allow yourself to let go completely.  That moment is an act of courage to simply be, to connect inward.  Invite the possibilities and to trust what may come up for you. 

Inspiration & creativity flows

This is where the magic happens. Notice how you react differently and more mindfully. Your more productive, doing less and accomplishing more.  Feel the freedom in making the commitment to just be in the present. How do you get there or what does that looks like to you?   Practicing the pause may lead to mastering the pause. 







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