About Becky
and Salt Spring Mobile Therapeutics

Becky Pilon

Registered Acupressure Therapist DipFEA, Certified in Deep Tissue Massage and Reflexology. Allowing for further practices with Trigger Point Therapy, Myoskeletal Alignment, Gua Sha and Cupping techniques.

Becky has been dedicating herself and her practice to being part of Salt Spring Islands professionals in Health and Wellness since 2018.  Currently a  mobile therapist primarily, Beckys passion is to create a balanced healthy life through her bodywork practice.  Becky works with energy systems of the body affecting our physical health, emotional state and spiritual wellbeing.  Flowing through the body and transitioning ones attention to their own body’s awareness, she deeply enjoys the happiness and the contentment she brings to her clients during and after their mobile session. Providing profound and involved bodywork techniques, both therapeutic and unique to each individual, Becky gears each session towards personal needs and requirements to achieve the most desirable outcome, bringing deep relaxation and healing within.

Becky became an Acupressure Therapist in 2014 and studied at the Canadian Acupressure College, graduated with a FEA Diploma.  Specializing in Five Elements Training and Jin Shin Do.  With further studies in Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue techniques combining joint release, Traditional Japanese Shiatzu, and  Reflexology.  Becky graduated in 2017 at VSBM in Vancouver.

Taking on new ventures Becky continues to study Nueromuscular Trigger Point Therapy to work on releasing holding patterns in the body which correlate with the nervous system as well as Myoskeletal Alignment Technique designed to realign the muscles and fascia within the body to remove joint and muscular pain caused by posture imbalance.

What to Expect

Once the booking is confirmed, Becky will arrive 10mins before to set up her table in a designated area. (6x8 space or larger) Relaxing Spa Music will also be provided. Once all is set up, Becky will allow you to get on the table and let you know how to do so comfortably.  The massage will begin with relaxing the tissue. Preparing the body for deeper therapeutic work, Becky will explain to you at the beginning of the treatment what the appropriate depth should feel like and check in with you about the depth and pressure.  Ultimately you are the boss and are in charge of your massage experience so fully explain your expectations and desired outcome for the session.   Communication is important at anytime during the massage treatment as to meet these expectations and comforts.  Becky will address the focus areas discussed during your intake. Often if you are looking to address one or two focus areas a 60min session is great, however if you are looking to ensure all muscle groups are given adequate attention booking a 90min session or 2-3hr package is worth it! The ultimate aim is to leave you feeling deeply resorted, energized and motivated, able to tackle your day to day pain-free. So whether you’re a massage newbie or a massage enthusiast  looking for a relaxing full-body release, massage is a great way to wind down and give yourself the self-care you deserve.  Remember to stay fully hydrated, drink plenty of water pre and post massage.  We all know finding time for self care can be tricky.  Which is why Becky is bringing wellness to you in your home.